MyBrand 8dBi Antenna for Miner Machines - Omni Directional Lora Antenna Frequency 868mhz - 5M KMR240 Cable for Low Loss - Increase Witness with Nebra RAK Bobcat SyncroBit Helium HNT Hotspot Miner

Are you looking for an antenna for your miner machine to increase witnesses?

Do you want a weatherproof miner antenna which can be installed outside for maximum reach?

Do you want an antenna with an excellent cable for low loss?

If your answer is yes than you are at the right place. This 8Dbi antenna is specially made for people like you. This antenna increases your number of witnesses when installed outside.


🔅 Increase your earning with increase in your witnesses with this antenna

🔅 Mount it outside of house without any worry due to its weather resistant material


⭐ 8dBi HNT antenna

⭐ 868mhz frequency range

⭐ 5 meter KMR240 Cable

⭐ 1 N Female, 1 RP SMA Male, 1 SMA male

⭐ 60 cm long antenna

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