Smart Robot Vaccine- Strong Suction Robot Vacuum Cleaner- Smart Obstacle Sensor Floor Cleaner Machine- Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop is Electronically Controlled with Powerful Battery- L 9.8″ x W 9.8″ x D 2.4″


  • GREAT SENSORS: Our robotic vacuums have an Anti-drop sensor to prevent them from falling from stairs or any height area and save your machine from any type of damage. It will automatically sense the height measurement of the step and floor. It will peacefully and gently clear out the dirt and dust without making noise. It is low decibel which means it is nearly silent or will be the softest sound that the human ear can hear.
  • POWERFUL CLEANING: The machine can vacuum and mop also or can do both at the same time to clean your rooms, kitchen, office room, living area, and dining room. When the robot enters the carpet from the floor, it will intelligently and automatically increase its suction and will do more powerful cleaning in its large capacity dust box. It will become your cleaning partner that greatly ameliorates cleaning efficiency and relieves you from daily stress. It can easily and peacefully clean many types of flooring including wood, tiles, marble, and even carpets, and will always make your house look neat and clean.
  • GREAT GIFT: It is a great present idea for your family and friends. It takes the burden of continual daily cleaning off your shoulders and saves you more time to spend with your family or other activities you want. It is a great choice for your home, office, or wherever you want to use it.
  • SIZE: The vacuum size is Length 9.8″ x Width 9.8″ x Depth 2.4″.

LARGE DUST BOX: Our robotic vacuum cleaner has a great capacity of holding dust. The robot mop will automatically clean your house and its large capacity dust box will collect all the dirt and dust and will clean more of your house floors.

SMART SENSORS: The electric mop has many smart obstacle sensors. The robot vacuum can measure the height of steps and has an intelligent direction guide, anti-falling, and safety sensor; will immediately stop when any stair or step comes in its way.

POWERFUL SUCTION: The robot vaccine cleaner will peacefully, softly, and effectively clean your house with its great suction ability. The vacuum cleaner with an electronically controlled wet mop and anti-winding side brushes will easily clear your floor from any kind of hair, pet hair, dust, tiny food particles, etc.

POWERFUL BATTERY: Our vacuum robot hoover has a powerful battery capacity, and will last more time, and will effectively clean your floors. The floor cleaner robot will keep on cleaning when its powerful battery will stay charged and will stop at that spot where its battery end and will start charging again on its own.

SIZE AND MEASUREMENTS: The vacuum cleaner size is: Length 9.8″ x Width 9.8″ x Depth 2.4″. Its super suitable size will be a great addition to your house.