Outdoor Water Gun Hose Pipe- 50ft Anti-Leakage Expandable Hose Pipe- Heavy Duty and Multi-Functional Garden Hose Spray Gun- Light Weight Garden Sprayer for Outdoor Indoor


  • MATERIAL: Made of strong, reliable, and high-quality nylon material. Its thickened high elastic outer fabric protects it and there will be no leakage, will not burst, and will ensure that the hose is made of durable material and will work a long time for you. Not to worry about tangling or twisting, it’s very flexible and lightweight. Its water gun has 7,8 different functions. Use it according to your different purposes and needs.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: You can use it for so many different purposes. You can control the flow of water by rotating. Unscrew the front filter nozzle first and it will easily fix on different male thread faucets and can meet all your gardening needs, water your flowers and plants with it, wash your pets, or clean your cars with the suitable pressure you need, and can be used for cleaning the yard, taking a shower, or scouring the grounds. Anyone can use this it can be kids, adults, or elderly people.
  • TAKES LESS SPACE: It also can retract down to its original shape for easy storage. It is super lightweight and portable size, convenient for cars, you can carry it anywhere you want.
  • SIZE: The hose size is 50 ft long. Turn on the water and watch this pipe grows to a maximum length. When you turn off the water, it will shrink back to its original size.

DURABLE MATERIAL: Our garden hose pipe is made of reliable and strong quality nylon material. The hosepipe can expand up to 2,3 times its original length when the water will turn on and will shrink back to its original shape when the water is turned off.

HEAVY DUTY: The hose pipe spray gun is a great pressure washer, you can rotate the hose, and water will flow faster and stronger. You can control the flow of water while using it for different purposes.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Our garden hose nozzles and spray guns can be used in so many different ways and will work as a multi-functional item because the spray gun has 7,8 different settings. The Flexible hose pipe is suitable for car, garden watering, pet bathing, etc.

EASY TO STORE: Our pressure washer gun hose is super lightweight and can easily retract to its original shape quickly and will take up small space in your storage. The garden hose is super flexible, no need to worry about the tangle and knots.

SIZE: The expandable garden hose size is that it is 50 ft long. Hose spray gun pipe will never cause leakage problems, unscrew the front filter nozzle first and it will easily fix on different male thread faucets.