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Milk Frother Handheld 

Handheld Whisk is durable and smartly designed to stir milkshake, Coffee, smoothie, and drink, or to whip up egg white. It is stainless steel and durable. This mixer is made of a food-safe grade stainless steel shaft. Perfect for iced coffee, latte or cappuccino, etc.

High-Speed Rotation: 19000rpm
Faster: Creamy Froth in 15 - the 20s
Package Includes: 1 Pcs

EASY TO USE- Our Cordless Cappuccino maker is handheld. Just insert two AA Batteries (Not Included) to switch on, then put it into a Cup or Mug with approximately 1/3 amount of nice and hot or cold milk or iced coffee. Plunge the frother halfway down to froth up. Create your Sensational delighted foamed milk in 30 to 60 seconds.
SIMPLE TO CLEAN- Our handheld mixer is stainless steel, does not matter what you froth or stir. That can be easily cleaned under fresh running tap water.
PERFECT GIFT IDEA- Silreck Cordless Milk Foam making device designed in UK. Our Handheld Milk Frother can be a meaningful little gift for loved ones mum dads, husbands wife, and friends.

Usage Tips:
Put the milk frother into a container with drinks up to approx. 1/3 to start frothing.

Press and hold down the ON/OFF switch, and the whisk will start to run and make foam.

As soon as the milk froth starts forming, lift the appliance slightly so that it is always in the froth layer.

When the milk is frothy enough, let go of the switch to stop the whisk from running.

Please remember to take your finger off the ON/OFF switch before lifting the whisk out of the milk to avoid spraying the liquid everywhere.

If you would like to make hot milk froth, the temperature of the milk should not be over 60℃/140℉, otherwise, the milk will not froth up perfectly.

Warm Note:
When placing batteries,