MyBrand Wifi Extender Booster for Home, Outdoor Internet Range - 300mbps with 2.4G Network Comes with Ethernet Lan Port Supports both Repeater & AP - Wireless Router Network Signal Boosters

Are you looking for some product to boost your low internet signals in all corners of your house?

Are you looking for a wireless wifi extender to catch and boost low signals of your router?

Are you looking for an easy to setup wifi repeater without any professional involved?

IF your answer is YES, than you are at the right place. This booster for wifi signal is perfect product for people like you. People experience low internet signals in different rooms or different floors of their home. They get frustrated due to buffering, low download and upload speed because of low signal problem. This network booster is here to end your frustration.


🌕 Boosts wifi signals all over house

🌕 Catches wifi signals of router and transmits further strongly

🌕 Extends high speed internet to different rooms

🌕 Very easy to setup


💠 It has both Repeater & AP mode to extend wifi signals

💠 It can boost internet speed up to 300 mbps

💠 It comes with 4 power led, Wifi led, Wps led and Lan led

💠 It can be used on both Repeater and AP mode

💠 It comes with 1 LAN port and 1 reset button as well


🟢 30 DAY RETURNS POLICY - We believe customers are the best earning of a business. We do not sell products; we sell value. If for whatever reason you do not like our product, we will be very happy to hear your feedback. This means either you love our product or we will return your money.