Magnetic Window Cleaner | Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaning Kit | Double Glazing Magnetic Window Cleaner for 5-30mm | Sponge And Squeegee Magnet Tool For Washing | UK Windows

🧲 CLEARGRIP MAGNETIC WINDOW CLEANING KIT: No more dangerous balancing acts on ladders or hiring expensive window cleaning services. Clean your windows from inside with our double sided magnetic window cleaner.
🧽 STRONG ABSORBENCY: Our window cleaner is effective for single and double glazing thickness 5-30mm. Please make sure that your window thickness is within 20-30mm. You can clean the inside and outside of the window just by standing in the house.
🏖️ LESS CLEANING, MORE LIVING: Our tool cleans both sides of your windows simultaneously, drastically reducing your cleaning time. What will you do with all your extra free time?
💰 SAVE WHILE YOU CLEAN: By using our magnet window cleaners, you can avoid forking out for costly professional window cleaning services. Pays for itself after just a few uses!
✅ EVERYTHING YOU NEED: In addition to the amazing double sided Clear grip tool, the accessories include a detergent dispenser, water bowl, microfiber towel and a drawstring carry bag to keep everything stored securely and easily accessible.

Do you have windows to clean that are high up or difficult to reach from outside? No problem!
Magnetic Window Cleaning Kit - Spend less time cleaning, more time living!

The ultimate solution for all your window cleaning needs! This magnetic window cleaner for double glazing is the perfect tool to keep your windows sparkling clean without the hassle of hiring professional cleaners or spending a lot of time and money.
Safely clean your windows from inside your home - You can quickly clean windows on both sides without having to climb ladders or use telescopic cleaning poles. Ideal for high-up apartments.

What's in the magnetic-close gift box?
1x Clear grip double sided window cleaning tool
1x 13cm diameter collapsible water bowl
1x 38ml detergent dispenser
1x 40x40cm ultra-soft microfibre towel
1x Handy drawstring carry-bag to store the tool

How does it work?
1. Thoroughly spray the inside and outside of the window with soapy water - this helps the window glass slide over the window easily
2. Open the window and soak the cleaning pads of each half in plenty of water
3. Hold the outside half of the window glass on the outside of the window. Hold the inside half on the inside of the window in a different spot. Then slide the two together until the magnets engage
4. Slowly slide around the perimeter of the window pane, and then follow a zig-zag pattern down to get your windows sparkling!
5. Remove by rotating the inside half 90 degrees and pulling it off the window. Close the tool with the separator in place.