ZUQA Tongue Scraper-Stainless Steel- Tongue Care Tool-Pack of 2 - Tongue Cleaner for Adults - Oral Hygiene Device (Silver)

Model Number: Y608 ZUQA, a brand of tongue scraper, that is an oral hygiene Steel tool, is designed to clean the coating on the upper surface of the tongue. Brushing teeth is not enough for complete oral care, so one should use a tongue scraper. Tongue Scraper is used for cleaning tongue. Some health benefits of a tongue scraper are Fresh Breath Natural Pink Color of Tongue Recolonization of Tooth Surfaces Improved sense of taste Tongue Scraper can contribute to the cleaned tongue surfaces. Tongue Cleaner is here to serve best stainless steel tongue cleaning experience. Tongue cleaning might help to reduce bad breadth and complete tongue cleaning using stainless steel tongue scraper. 2 Pack* Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper Single package size- 15X5X5 cm For 1000 Days Use This tongue cleaner is easy to use and store. Just pull it across your tongue from the back towards the front, twice a day. Please rinse the scraper before and after each use. We design 2 pack tongue scrapers into the package, you can use in multipurpose place, such as home, office and travel. Orally Yours!