Yoga Column Fitness Pilates Yoga Foam blocks Train Gym muscle relax Massage Roller Grid Trigger Point Therapy Physio Exercise

33cm roller SET 25
33cm roller SET 24
33cm roller SET 23
33cm roller SET 22
33cm roller SET 21
33cm roller SET 20
33cm blue 19
33cm orange 18
33cm purple 17
33cm pink 16
33cm pink
33cm purple
33cm green 13
33cm orange
33cm blue
33cm black 4
33cm red
33cm green
33cm black
33cm roller SET

Yoga Column Fitness Pilates Yoga Foam Roller blocks Train Gym Massage Grid Trigger Point Therapy Physio Exercise 33CMFeatures: PERFECT FOR YOGA-OBSESSED LADIES: Yoga is a great way to shap you to be a better you upon scores of aspects, it helps calm you down, improve your moods, adjust physiology, benefit sleep and recovery, as well as slim your body. This Resin Roller helps your yoga exercise with more training methods, along with the doubled above efficiency to you. The finer details Resin rolling is easy simply lie on the floor and place the roller underneath where you need to feel relief. Then roll backwards and forwards for a few minutes. You should feel your muscles start to relax. Specification: Material: Eco-frtiendly Resin Size: 33x14cm or 45x14cm Product Includes: 1 x Roller