SYZ Weight Lifting Gym Gloves | Ventilated Workout Gloves | Wrist Wrap Gloves for Men & Women


Color: Camel

SYZ weight lifting gloves are designed to accentuate your powerlifting experience and will have you lifting harder, heavier, and more than before. Microfiber Polyester is soft and supple and long-lasting. Rubberized palm reduces any chance of bar-slip, and provides comfort against metal rod pressure.
SYZ cross-training gloves prevent blisters and skin calluses so you can stack to the max without distraction. Our gym gloves are designed to maximize each set, rep, and exercise minus the bad odor. Go for T2B, Pull-ups, Deadlifts, Lat Pull Downs, Cleans, Squats, Ring Dips, Muscle Ups, Kettlebell Swings, and more.


  • Breathable
  • Wicking
  • Light Weight


Size: Large
Color: Camel
Material: Microfiber Polyester
Packing: Opp Bag or Custom


1. No More Rips and Tares
Discover a way to perform Olympic Lifts without using massive amounts of tape. Not only do they provide full palm protection, but these gloves also protect every finger and thumb from rips and tares.

2. Built-In Wrist Wraps
They come with built-in velcro wrist support wraps for wrist protection. Excellent for Snatches, Clean and Jerks, Overhead squats, and any other lift and exercise where the tape is needed to protect your hands.

3. Exclusively Designed for Peak Performance
The open hand glove design lets your hands breathe, making them more comfortable lifting gloves. Also, less bad smells while working out and when it's time to wash them, just toss them in the washing machine.