Kids Ear Defenders | Foldable Adjustable Hearing Protection Noise Cancelling | Comfortable Hearing Protection with an adjustable Headband for Babies for 3 Months to 2 Year


Ear Protection For Babies- Parents often unconsciously expose their children to loud noises. This can lead to permanent hearing damage.

Ears are made for hearing. Your hearing lets you enjoy music, birds, and sometimes also quietness. We are ensuring that you can enjoy the sound without issues and don't suffer from hearing damage. That is why we are developing ear protection for your hearing. Every day, for your entire life.

Best playmate for Autistic- The hearing protector help to block out the noise so the kids will not miss out on the fun and special experiences anymore
Better Wearing Experience, Best Budget Pick- Kids hearing protection earmuffs feature ultra soft and deep foam ear pads which provide a more comfortable snug fit and enhanced noise-blocking ability for your sweet pea
Protect your Child's Hearing- Whether you go to a concert, a sports event, or any other environment where the noise level is over 85dB make sure you and your child are protected.

Fitting Instructions
1). Adjust the headband to an adequate length
2). Place ear cups over your ears
3). Adjust the headband by sliding the band up or down
4). Make sure that each earcup's cushion over the ear for a firm seal